Circular Economy Talks

CE webinar series seeks to inspire quality discussion, share innovation, best practices and opportunities on the way Nigeria can expand, promote and benefit from Circular Economy. is a bi-monthly series where thought leaders, policy consultants and key players within the Circular Economy space engages a expository talk on quality discussions and share possible innovations and opportunities on how Nigeria can expand, promote and benefit from Circular Economy and entertain questions in the line of the foregoing conversation. Some of the topics to be discussed will include:

  • Circular Economy and Industries
  • Sustainability Frameworks
  • Circular Transition – Roadmap
  • Circular Economy Policy Making and Business Models ( CE-PPP)
  • Different Circular Economy Areas and Frameworks
  • Among others

CEIP Academy

This series seeks to provide business leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs in all sectors in depth sessions on the benefits of CE, how to promote it and how to adopt it’s methodologies.


CEIP Innovation challenge

These are a series of hackathons and call for innovative solutions to sectors in CE.


CE ecosystem

Promoting CE through knowledge transfer and technical support from partners thereby highlighting concrete opportunities and business partnership for companies locally & internationally


  • A network of equitable businesses and organisations that are are adopting the CE model
  • Adaptation of regulation at the national and federal level that encourage the transition to a CE
  • Knowledge share and fostering an active CE network.
  • Wide spread awareness of the CE as a key tool for sustainable socio-economic development