Circular Products Catalogue 2022


The Circular Products Catalogue 2022 is a tool designed to help organisations and individuals identify and purchase products and services that are designed for circularity.

The Challenge/Need:

While the concept of a circular economy has gained increasing attention as a way to address the growing environmental challenges facing our planet, procurement is a critical component of the circular economy as it represents a significant opportunity to drive sustainable change across the entire supply chain. The challenge was to create a catalogue that showcases circular products from the local entrepreneurial community across Nigeria, and encourage the procurement of these items by the general population.

Project Category:

Circular Content


Circular Lagos, Circular Business Platform


Lagos, Nigeria


CEIP created a list of suppliers and products that meet circular procurement criteria as well as provided information about the environmental and social impact of the products and services.

This tool seeks to allow organisations to choose suppliers that align with their sustainability goals, making it easier for organisations to make informed decisions about their purchasing.


The 2022 Catalogue took over three months to create. The implementation process involved the following key areas:


The launch of the Circular Products Catalogue yielded significant outcomes and impacts, including:

Increased awareness for circular businesses listed.

Positive public perception of the concept of circular procurement.

Increased adoption of circular procurement by organisations and individuals.


The Circular Product Catalogue not only empowers individuals to be more conscious of their buying decisions and build more sustainable habits but also encourages organisations to set and keep circular procurement policies while showcasing business and products in the local circular economy.

In the coming year we hope to expand the entries in the catalogue to include more circular products across multiple sectors and encourage circular businesses and individuals affiliated with these businesses to be a part of spreading the message about circular procurement through sign ups and testimonials of product use.