Circular Lagos


A clearinghouse initiated by Lagos state to support the development of Circular Economy Ecosystem in Lagos state.

The Challenge/Need:

The development of Circular Business Models depends upon an ecosystem approach. In other words, it is critical that diverse organisations work together to co-create, share assets and other business opportunities. However, Lagos State Government identified that many organisations in Lagos use a silo approach, limiting the opportunities for eco-system building.

Project Categories:

Circular Content Development & Teaching Materials




Lagos, Nigeria

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A digital clearinghouse which defines the meaning of circular economy in the Nigeria context, showcases Nigerian individuals and organizations that are adopting circular business models and centralises research and teaching on circular economy in Nigeria. The clearinghouse hosted a series of podcasts and the Circular Lagos Challenge, an open innovation challenge in 2022.


Circular Lagos posts received over 500+ numbers of readers last year!

In their own words:

Our collaboration with the Circular Economy Innovation Partnership (CEIP) spans over three years and is driven by our shared passion to address business and investment climate gaps, promote circular economy uptake and concepts among businesses in Nigeria.

GIZ SEDIN and CEIP have worked together on viable environmental sustainability projects delivering top-notch services, strategies, and contributions to the green economy space. We worked jointly on different components of the Circular Lagos Projects all geared at fostering collaboration among circular business partners and further promoting circular concepts and new solutions. We are proud of what we have achieved together.