Building the African Circular Economy: Focus on Plastics


This report focuses on how African countries can address the global plastics challenge through collaborative business model and policy approaches.

The Challenge/Need:

Ambitions are high to reduce the volumes of plastic waste across Africa and to use circular economy approaches to do this. But which approaches are most relevant in the African context and how can they optimise waste recovery and reduction?

Project Category:



Dalberg, Africa Circular Economy Alliance


Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya

The Solution

An in-depth report, published in partnership with Dalberg and the Africa Circular Economy Alliance that examines potential regulatory frameworks and business models across three African countries to address plastic production, consumption and disposal and sets out recommendations to implement the highest potential approaches.

The Methodology

Working with a distributed project team, we defined a research framework to assess value chain organization, business model development, regulation and market readiness across three Africa countries: Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. We carried out a comparative analysis to identify the most cost effective actions that can support the growth of locally-oriented circular business models.


The case study was the basis for the development of the LOOPLab Open Innovation Programme, which saw 9 partnerships between small and large companies working in the plastics value chain.