UNILAG Campus Bazaar


The University of Lagos, UNILAG Campus Bazaar aimed to incorporate the development of circular economy into the attitudinal behaviour of stakeholders at the tertiary institution. With three components in mind: the industrial application of circularity, product based knowledge about circular materials for knowledge based interaction between users and producers and entrepreneurship knowledge in terms of the possibility of recycling, the event sort to transfer knowledge of circular economy principles in a practical term to students and staff.

The Challenge/Need:

Among student communities, the concept of circular economy and recycling is often vaguely understood. The challenge was to create an event that addressed this issue and empowered stakeholders to make more informed decisions in their choice of products to use and career paths to take.

Project Categories:

Programme Facilitation, Circular Talent Pipelines


German Development Cooperation (GIZ)


20 Sep, 2023


Lagos, Nigeria


UNILAG and CEIP collaborated to design and deliver an event that combined a circular marketplace exhibition, career workshop and interactive sessions that exposed students and staff of UNILAG to what recycling and circular economy products could be used for and

make a choice to either use recycled products or virgin utility products. The event combined the following thematic areas: 


The collaborative event by UNILAG and CEIP yielded significant outcomes and impacts, including:

Increased awareness:

The goal of the event to raise awareness of the choice to use either recycled and virgin utility products among students and the staff community was achieved. There was a large turnout in the plastic recycling challenge competition that was an offshoot of this event.

Skill acquisition and internships:

Students from the University of Lagos were offered internship opportunities with circular businesses that were present at the event. This allowed them to gain new skills contributing to their overall professional development.

Lasting inspiration:

Inspired by the exhibited circular products and services, a number of students have begun working on their own personal circular projects in hopes that they contribute to the transition to circular economy in Lagos.