Stakeholder Consultation: Defining The Innovation Needs For A Circular Economy Ecosystem In Nigeria


A design thinking-based workshop to explore business and eco-system development opportunities across fibres, e-waste and construction

The Challenge/Need:

Innovate UK-KTN, a UK-based organization that supports innovation through eco-system development and knowledge transfer was interested to develop circular economy innovation networks in Nigeria. It wanted to identify the structure of existing eco-systems and the innovation needs of participants within them in the building materials, fiber and e-waste sectors and develop a roadmap to mobilize innovation.

Project Categories:

Event Facilitation, Research


Innovate UK-KTN




Circular Economy Innovation Partnership carried out a stakeholder mapping study to define the structure of the value chain and the types of innovation challenges that different stakeholders faced.  The  study offered recommendations to Innovate UK-KTN as to how the different challenges could be addressed. Together the CEIP and Innovate UK-KTN team designed and delivered a design-thinking workshop to bring stakeholders identified in the study to reach a consensus on their priorities to innovate.


Innovate UK KTN and Circular Economy Innovation Partnership are working together to build sector-based innovation networks that are focused on supporting network participants to meet the objectives they identified in the workshop.

In their own words:

CEIP has been a strategic partner of Innovate UK KTN Global Alliance Africa, most especially CEIP’s supports towards our Circular Economy intervention in Nigeria. The CEIP team delivered an excellent roadmap for the Innovate UK KTN circular economy innovation network, as well as partnership with us to deliver the stakeholders event. This activities and expert knowledge is helping us to define the right path for the UK-Nigeria innovation network and building a sustainable innovation ecosystem in Nigeria. CEIP have the expert knowledge and have access to the right stakeholders within the circular economy sector.
Joshua Adedeji Knowledge Transfer Manager, Innovate UK KTN Global Alliance Africa