Lead, Research and Community Development

Tolulope Omoyeni

Tolulope Omoyeni is a passionate environmental sustainability advocate with experience in advocacy and sensitization on environmental issues and program development for environmental sustainability. She is a graduate in Environmental Biology and aspiring sustainability consultant.Her interest in environmental sustainability is in the areas of waste management, climate education, community engagement and circular economy.

As a student, she co-founded an environmental club, Greenminds, recognized in school, and is engaging tertiary, secondary and primary schools through the initiative, creating awareness on 3R's of waste management, keeping sustainable habits and climate education.

She is an alumnus of LAWMA Academy and has encouraged over 20 members of her initiative to participate in the Academy of which over 10 are alumni members. She worked as an Administrative Assistant in Circular Economy Innovation Partnership, CEIP, and is still working with CEIP, as the Program Manager for Community Development, a project under the Circular Business Platform.