Finance Manager

Jelili Alarape

Jelili is a financial accounting expert, with specific interest in the balancing of financial records. His multifaceted experience in business & non-profit financial management with financial assurance bias. He is presently the Program Director, HR and Administration of Growing Businesses Foundation (GBF), a leading NGO in the Nigerian Economy, having served for over a decade in various capacities.

Key proficiency garnered by him over the years include development of accounting, finance and management policies, procedures and templates for Effective Cash Flow Management. Monitoring budgets and comparing them with actual cost and revenues related to production, marketing and capital. Coordinating the preparation, maintenance and filing of projected P&L Account, Bills Discounting and Balance Sheet as required by bank authorities and other financial institutions. For years, Mr. Alarape coordinated the preparation of Financial Statements, Financial Reports for internal usage as well as for external stakeholders. Determining a financial management framework in order to monitor and enhance reporting performance. Stay abreast of emerging finance standards, applications and technology platforms to ensure company leverages latest performance tools has also always being in his purview.

His network reach ensured he liaised with business related organizations such as Banks, donors, funders and preparing budget cum systemizing projects departmental work to delivers financial objectives.

Jelili Alarape joined GBF in the year 2004 after his Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Banking & Finance from Kwara State Polytechnic and presently holds a HND (Banking & Finance) from the Lagos State Polytechnic, presently pursuing also the ACCA certification.

He has contributed immensely in the management of funds and in maintenance of stewardship accounts for 15 years.