Head of Strategic Communications and Partnerships

Deborah E. Edward

Deborah Edward is a seasoned communications and events management professional, who has cultivated a career dedicated to crafting compelling narratives and orchestrating impactful events across the fields of education, media, technology and circular economy.

Currently immersed in the heart of the circular economy movement, Deborah plays a pivotal role in promoting sustainable practices, advocating for resource efficiency, and fostering innovation. Her work in Circular Economy Innovation Partnership (CEIP) revolves around building strong connections among stakeholders, from visionary startups to industry leaders, with the ultimate goal of accelerating the transition to a circular and regenerative economy.

As a communications maven, Deborah excels at translating complex concepts into accessible, engaging stories that resonate with diverse audiences and inspire action. Through effective content creation, adept management of social media campaigns, and skillful use of various communication channels, She consistently elevates the visibility and credibility of sustainability initiatives.

Amongst Deborah’s achievements include spearheading significant initiatives, Circular Oasis Community- A peer knowledge sharing platform developing talents in the circular economy ecosystem and Circular Products Catalogue - A digital catalogue that encourages circular procurement amongst individuals and organisations through strategic collaborations with renowned organisations and individuals to drive awareness and action in the circular economy space.