What we do​

The Circular Economy Innovation Partnership (CEIP) is a three-part organisation that seeks to drive the transition to a Circular Economy (CE) through advocacy, developing circular businesses and economic growth from investment in circular economy.

Circular Economy Platform

o This platform is central space to access information on the CE and how it can be adopted and promoted in different sectors. It will build a network of people with a similar interest in using the CE concept to foster sustainable development. As a not-for-profit, it will focus on advocacy, capacity building and research & development. It will also partake in awareness campaigns, build and sustain relationships with various stakeholders including policy makes, academics, NGOs, development organisations.

Social Enterprise

o The CEIP social enterprise will serve as an active player in proffering CE solutions, developing innovative ideas that deepen sustainability in the society whilst adding value to business and economic growth; it will also develop expertise, CE road maps, CE business cases, scalable business and knowledge transfer via the CEIP academy.

CE Innovation Fund

The CE Innovation Fund will focus on sourcing and securing investments and be the custodian of investor funds. Invest in any CE social enterprise projects, both internally and externally.