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The Coca-Cola Foundation Awards Grant to GBF to Launch Empowering Collector Initiative (ECI) To Create Sustainable and Viable Plastic Waste Ecosystem in Nigeria.

The Coca-Cola Foundation has awarded a grant to Growing Business Foundation (GBF) targeted at strengthening the plastic waste management value chain through its Empowering Collector Initiative, a program designed to improve the largely informal plastic waste collection, aggregation and recycling process in Nigeria.

The program which will run for about 24 months will seek to enhance environmental resilience by preventing the flow of plastic waste, especially PET, to water ways and landfills through an aggressive and organized system that targets about 25,000 MT of waste. The ultimate objective of the program is to support and accelerate the growing opportunity spectrum of bottle-to-bottle recycling value chain which is still nascent in the Country.

The initiative will also empower 3000 female collectors and micro aggregators across 6 states of Nigeria, representing key hubs where increased urban migration and economic activity coupled with a poor waste management system has exacerbated the waste concerns in the country. Target participants will receive training on effective and efficient collection methods, hygiene skills while working in waste and will also receive materials including PPE to ensure their safety. The program seeks to help participants, through their transferable skills program, to improve earning capacity of the women by 200% from current earnings of about $2 a day.

GBF will partner with experienced sector aggregators including RecyclePoints Limited, Greenhill Recycling Limited, RecycleGarb Hub Limited, Fifthseed Recycling Limited, Green Axis, Idrate Solutions Limited, Ceetee Recyclers Limited, Chanja Datti, Recycling Co.Ltd, Trash Monger Limited, WasteXchange Limited, through which the initiative will be implemented across the 6 regions of the Country.

Speaking on the project, the President of The Coca-Cola Foundation, Saadia Madsbjerg, said the idea of the initiative was to create an economic ecosystem that would not only support environmentally beneficial actions but would also provide women with skills and trainings in the waste management value chain – enabling their economic empowerment and in turn improving quality of life for their families..

According to Saadia, “our commitment is to continue to enable the empowerment of women in as many communities as we can, providing them with the necessary knowledge required to improve their capacity to generate wealth in a more sustainable way and with a positive impact on our environment.

Growing Business Foundation was founded 21 years ago with a mission to combat poverty and promote sustainable and wholesome existing through meaningful development enterprises amongst the poorest people in Nigeria. They are a Member of the Commonwealth of Nations Initiative.

The Coca-Cola Foundation is the primary international philanthropic arm of The Coca-Cola Company. Since its inception in 1984, The Foundation has awarded more than $1.4 billion in grants to support sustainable community initiatives around the world.

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